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Our desire is to be filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit of God, sensitive and obedient to His leading and fully operating in the gifts He has given to each of us in order to build up the church body and the kingdom of God.


River of Life is a praying church. We believe that God desires a personal, intimate relationship with each of us. This can only be developed through fervent, abundant and persistent prayer, arising from humble hearts burning with an insatiable desire to know God better.


  • Sunday Morning Prayer Meetings:
    Every Sunday morning we gather at 8:45 to seek the face of God.

On the third Sunday night of the month (generally) the church family at River of Life joins with several other like-minded congregations locally.  Together, we hold Revival Anticipation Services. Besides being an opportunity for believers from any denomination to worship together, these services are designed to help each follower of the Lord to be better prepared for the coming revival.  Since the year 2000, God has spoken on many occasions that he will be sending a great outpouring of His spirit to our area.  It is our desire to be fully ready for such an important event when it arrives.
Revival Anticipation Service
Due to the corona virus revival anticipation services are temporarily suspended until further notice.








          It is one thing to shout it, it is one thing to sing it, it is one thing to talk about revival, but give me a people on their faces, seeking to be rightly related with God, and when that happens, we will soon know the impact of God-realization in our country.      (Duncan Campbell)








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