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Our Statement of Faith


What we believe about…


The Bible

  • It is God’s communication to us humans; his love-letter written for us and to us.

  • In it, God reveals Himself, the greatest treasure we will ever know.

  • It is fully true, and it contains wisdom, inspiration, and guidance for us to live by.


God Himself

  • There is just one God.  He has created all things seen and unseen.

  • He exists eternally in three persons [the Trinity], as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • He can be known personally by us, and He desires a close relationship with each person.

Jesus Christ

  • When He was on earth, He was fully God yet also fully human.

  • His birth was supernatural;  He was born of a virgin.

  • He was tempted just like all of us are, yet He never sinned.

  • The miracles He performed on earth were real.

  • He was crucified, and His innocent blood was shed as a sacrifice so that our sins could be forgiven.

  • He died, was buried, and physically rose from the dead.

  • He will return to earth in power and glory.



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